Week 1, Madness and Miracles

The first week has commenced with a powerful webinar, one that made me eager to jump out of bed the next morning.

Today I begin a new life

I love that first sentence, it is full of promise, of hope. It is a statement.
Reading it now is different in a way compared to reading it last year. Yes, I am taking the MKMMA for the second time.

Some might wonder why, wasn’t the first time good then?
Heck yeah! But I know I can dig deeper, peal off those last layers to truly become one with my future self, to make that one current self, me!

Writing my DMP was a joy on its own. Haha, still was trapped, used the word ‘will’ at one point. The exact sentence where I used it in combination of my guide made me ‘sit’ on that in silence the next morning….to find the answer inside of me, there was a subconscious reason for using that word in that particular sentence.
Becoming aware is the start of all change. And I am aware now.

It has been raining miracles since the start of the course of madness and miracles.
Madness since that is how many will perceive us, shouting out loud several times a day, and miracles because if you open yourself to it, miracles and amazing things will start to happen.

Immediately after the Digital Diva webinar on Monday I’ve taken the decision to start my new website and gave my order for hosting to my Facebook and MKMMA friends.
My daughter, truly the queen of sceptics, has joined me in my business. I feel immense gratitude for her to have taken that decision. Her future hubby had been ready for some time already, but has patiently waited until she was ready. Love them both!

In my company we have been offered a trader who never has had a losing month, only 2 losing weeks. That made me dancing around the living room at 4 am. Impossible to go to sleep after that news.

And today, when I was at the location for the company Christmas event, the owner turned out to have been the nr 1 in an MLM company about 10 years ago and he was intrigued with what we do. He also turned out to have a son in puberty with the exact same blessings as my own son has….so recognition and understanding immediately. It will be a wonderful party in December.

What a week, what a start….and this is just the beginning.
I have missed the routine of daily reading and sitting still. Have done it, but not every day and now we are back on re-implementing that habit, because i do NOT allow that old Blueprint to win, ever!

For the readers of this blog, and perhaps followers, since I own an MLM company it is obvious that that company is part of my DMP. So it will pop up every now and then in my blog posts. Not mentioning the name though as I do respect the safe haven rules for the entire MKMMA community.

Whatever you do, Believe!


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